Biotin: Benefits, Risks, and Lab Testing Considerations

Season #2 Episode #88

Have you suffered with dry skin, brittle nails, extreme fatigue, digestive issues, brittle hair, low mood, and maybe even tingling in your hands and feet? I know you’re thinking, well duh.. low thyroid, but what if it’s something else? Something simple?

What about your thyroid levels are showing too high, yet you have none of the classic symptoms of hyperthyroid? The same vitamin that when deficient can cause skin, hair, and nails issues, can also cause your thyroid blood work to be inaccurate when supplementing in high doses.

Listen in to hear all about Biotin. What it is, where you find it naturally, it’s role in our body, signs and symptoms of a deficiency, the ins and outs of supplementing with biotin, and how it may also affect thyroid testing.


Effect of High-dose Biotin on Thyroid Function Tests: Case Report and Literature Review

National Institutes of Health; Office of Dietary Supplements. Biotin: Fact Sheet for Health Professionals. Accessed 6/10/19.

Biotin Benefits: What the Experts Have to Say

Biotin – Vitamin B7,assumed%20to%20ensure%20nutritional%20adequacy.

FDA in Brief: FDA reminds patients, health care professionals and laboratory personnel about the potential for biotin interference with certain test results, especially specific tests to aid in heart attack diagnoses

Biotin Fact Sheet for Consumers

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