How To Navigate Conflicting Information

Season #2 Episode #80

Has your journey of learning about Hashimoto’s been confusing? Does it feel like there’s too much information and not enough clarity on how it applies to you as an individual? Everyone claims to be an expert, or at the very least has advice to share on how to solve your problems, yet is it really the direction you need to take every time you get new info?

I have been reflecting on my own journey since I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, as well as my professional journey from educator and school administrator to personal trainer, then added health coach to my credentials, and most recently completed training to certify as an Integrative Health Practitioner.

I absolutely love learning. Even more than learning, I love helping others through teaching what I learn. The process has been lengthy and yes, tons of information that at times can be very conflicting on how to approach my own Hashimoto’s needs for increased energy, weight loss, mental clarity, emotional stability, and really just overall wellness.

Listen in to hear what I’ve learned from these experiences and how conflicting information along the way from doctors, educators, research, media, family, and friends, ultimately led me to successful outcomes.

Today's Dig Deeper Resource:

Check out the book by John C Maxwell called Failing Forward, turning mistakes into steppingstones for success. This is not a book about Hashimoto’s, but it’s an easy read by a fabulous author that will help you with the mindset you need to navigate failures. 

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