How Failing at Following My Doctor's Orders Gave Me Confidence to Succeed

Season #2 Episode #77

Have you ever gone to the Doctor, been given clear orders on what to do next, then before the week is over, you have already given up?

How do you feel about that? Does it feel like a personal failure? Is it a loss that you beat yourself up about? Does it keep playing over and over in your head like an annoying commercial for legal services you hear on tv and can’t seem to forget it or make it stop?

Does it make you feel guilty or ashamed that you failed at something that was spelled out so clearly by your doctor?

I suffered from these feelings too. I sometimes still do. It’s something I’m continually working on. You see, thoughts become feelings, feelings become actions. My actions from sabotaging thoughts caused me way too many setbacks on my health journey. But, with help, I figured out a way out of it.

Listen in to hear how Failing at Following My Doctor’s Orders Gave Confidence to Succeed.

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