Which of These 5 Mindsets are Holding You Back?

Season #2 Episode #76

Have you ever wondered why no matter how much progress  you make, you always seem to end right back where you started, in your “comfort zone.”

Have you been scared of actually getting well and independent because you noticed when you are sick, family and friends are nicer than usual, even sympathetic and helpful?

Have you accepted that being sick is your fate, your genetics, or someone else’s fault so you just have to deal with the cards you’ve been dealt?

Have you been scared to try a new protocol or treatment because nothing has worked so far, so surely you’ll fail the next time you try?

Are you chasing a certain outward appearance, relationship, or career to cover up what you really desire like love, acceptance, safety, and security?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I assure you that you are not alone.  Listen in to learn about 5 different mindsets that may be holding you back from getting well or achieving success and how to overcome the ones you may feel are holding you back.


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