You've Been Granted 3 Wishes!

Season #2 Episode #75

What would you ask for if I granted you 3 wishes related to your overall Health? Would it be a request for more energy, no brain fog, the ability to reach your ideal weight and not feel like you are suffering through restrictive diets, more strength in the gym, more stamina in daily activities? Maybe you’d wish for less stress or total healing altogether?

Well, in today’s episode, I will review 5 different meditation/visualization exercises that you can do today that can launch you on your journey to improved health and it doesn’t cost anything to implement these habits.

Does that sound helpful to you? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could start seeing results today? Listen in to hear how to get started.

Schedule a free consultation with me through my website at or you can also find me on Instagram @coachsandyrobinson. Don’t forget, we also have a Facebook group also called The Hashimoto’s Connection where you can meet other listeners, find community, and meet some of the guests from the show.


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