You, Me and Hypothyroidism with Authors Adam Gask and Rachel Hill

Season #1 Episode #49

Today I have the great pleasure of a candid chat with Adam Gask and Rachel Hill, the Husband-and-Wife co-authors of the Amazon Best Selling book "You, Me, and Hypothyroidism."

They have a wonderful story of growing up together, walking the many journeys of chronic illness and advocating for others with similar journeys. Their book is a beautiful display of courage, empathy, dedication, advocacy, and a comprehensive, much-needed tool which compiles all the information you need in order to ensure your relationship doesn’t suffer at the hands of this chronic illness. It also provides both perspectives of a thyroid condition diagnosis: the patient and their loved one.

So have a seat, grab a cup of coffee or hot tea, and join me in listening to their beautiful journey.

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