Adrenal Fatigue and Brief Review of Izabella Wentz's 5 Step Adrenal Recovery Protocol

Season #1 Episode #47

Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you feel tired when you wake up even though you should have gotten enough sleep to feel rested? What about suffering from strong cravings for salty foods, brain fog, low sex drive, difficulty making decisions, or feeling completely drained after exercise rather than energized? These are some of the classic symptoms of an Adrenal dysfunction as well as many other symptoms you may be experiencing but simply passing off as thyroid issues or aging issues.

Listen in today as I briefly discuss Adrenal Dysfunction, review a checklist of common symptoms you can share with your doctor to investigate further, and lastly review Izabella Wentz’s  five step protocol to Adrenal Recovery according to her book Hashimoto's Protocol, A 90-Day Plan for Reversing Thyroid Symptoms and Getting Your Life Back.

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