Author Rachel Hill: The Invisible Hypothyroidism

Season #1 Episode #46

I am excited to introduce you to a new friend of mine Rachel Hill. She is the highly ranked and multi-award winning thyroid patient advocate, writer, speaker and author behind The Invisible Hypothyroidism. Her thyroid advocacy work includes writing articles, authoring books, producing her Thyroid Family email newsletters, and speaking on podcasts, as well as being a founding board member for the American College of Thyroidology. She is well-recognized as a crucial and influential contributor to the thyroid community and has a large social media presence. Her books include "Be Your Own Thyroid Advocate" and "You, Me and Hypothyroidism.” Her first book made the Amazon Top 10 Best seller and #1 New release in 2018, and her second book also made the Amazon Top 10 Best Seller and #1 New release in 2019.

She is a joy to speak to and has an inspiring story that I’m sure will bring you some encouragement today.

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