I'm Co-Founder, along with my husband Brian Robinson, of the life transforming health coaching company LEANWell, and host of The Hashimoto's Connection podcast.

I help women transform their body and lifestyle by teaching simple and effective habits to live, move, eat, and think healthy!

I specialize in working with women with Hashimoto's Disease and provide unique support through my SIMPLE SIX AIP Program, a six week hands-on program to find freedom from your autoimmune symptoms through the Autoimmune Protocol.


I believe my journey began at least in my early 20's when I noticed symptoms like extreme fatigue, brain fog, infertility issues, adult acne, and an overall inability to just feel good. I always felt run down. I consulted my family doctor, he did some basic labs, said everything was normal and sent me on my way with no further instructions.

I continued to struggle for about 10 years, and hit another big wall of just feeling beyond worn down and just knew something had to be wrong. Same extreme fatigue, brain fog, and now I was experiencing extremely dry skin, brittle nails, extremely achy joints, unexplained weight gain, sensitive stomach, and depression. I went to my family doctor, a different one by this time, she said my symptoms were normal for a woman in my early 30's and sent me on my way.

By age 34-35 I became very ill, and begged my family doctor to please get to the root of my symptoms. At this time I was an active Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, I knew how to eat and exercise, but none of the usual "healthy" methods would help. I was so worn down, and exhausted I just knew there had to be an explanation.

This time they had an answer and diagnosed me with Mononucleosis and Hashimoto's Disease. She referred me to an endocrinologist who eventually removed half of my thyroid, due to potential risk of cancer. Thank goodness, I did not have cancer, but, I did gain 20 lbs in the four weeks immediately following my thyroidectomy. My endocrinologist gave me medication to get my labs to read normal, and even though I still couldn't lose the extra weight, still had all the same horrible symptoms, he said there was nothing more he could do. I just had to deal with it.

I went a few more years "dealing with it" until I found a functional medicine doctor that a dear friend referred me to. I learned how "normal" lab results aren't necessarily an indication of what's "normal" for me, and I also learned that I could treat the root cause of my Hashimoto's through some very basic lifestyle and nutrition changes that could bring me to remission from my Hashimoto's disease.

 From that point on I knew I had answers, but the thing that was missing was the support I needed to make all of the necessary habit changes, how to change my nutrition plan, how to get my family on board, how to live a "normal" life with such new and different ways of eating.

In going through my own diagnosis and treatment, I felt very isolated, like no one really knew how to help me. After doing some research, I learned that over 14 million people in the United States alone are affected by Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. That is a huge number, and clearly there should be no reason why a person diagnosed with this disease should feel isolated or alone, yet, we do. I felt as though I had identified a big communication gap and decided from that point, that I wanted to be a part of the solution.

I sought out additional education that would allow me to know how to coach others through lifestyle and habit changes that would bridge the gap between doctors and patients, as well as patients and their family members.

It's now my daily goal and ambition to be available to those who also need support in navigating healthy habits and optimal nutrition. I can't wait to help you too!!