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Coach Sandy Robinson

Welcome to My Story!

I'm Coach Sandy Robinson, and I invite you to join me on a journey through the highs and lows that have shaped who I am today. From early challenges in foster care to finding joy in coaching and family life in Madison, Alabama, my story is a testament to resilience, faith, and the transformative power of coaching. Dive in to discover how my experiences have fueled my passion to empower individuals and teams to overcome their own life challenges.

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My Story

My life adventure began in Canada but quickly changed when I was moved into foster care at age of four. A new chapter started with my aunt and uncle in sunny Central Florida, where I grew up with adopted and foster siblings with many special needs, sparking my interest in the human mind and body. This curiosity led me to study Child Psychology.

Life threw more adventures my way, including becoming an Army wife and mom to two boys in Fort Hood, Texas, where I dived into the world of school administration and personal fitness. I wasn't just leading a school; I was also chasing the strength and discipline I saw in military life, leading me to fall in love with fitness and pursuing personal fitness goals.

Eventually, my journey took me to Alabama, where after some personal trials, including a divorce, my faith led me to a new beginning with my now-husband, Brian. Our love story was a whirlwind, and soon we blended our family and started a coaching business together. Here, I've expanded my expertise with certifications in Personal Training, Nutritional Coaching, Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Sports Psychology Coaching, and more.

Our home in Madison, Alabama, is where we love empowering our community. My path, filled with both struggles and triumphs, has taught me that life's challenges are universal. I'm here to use my journey, continuous learning, and passion for coaching to support others in navigating their paths to success.

So, whether you're facing personal hurdles, aiming for athletic excellence, or looking to strengthen your team, I'm here to guide you through.


Let's journey together towards achieving your goals!

-Coach Sandy

Contact Me:

Call or Text: 256-617-2127

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